eLearn Connection

What we do :::

::: What we do :::

eLearn Connection is an e-learning development company focused on the design and development of courseware in
areas of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

eLearn Connection develops training materials with industry subject matter experts to
provide e-learning courses that are up to date, practical and interactive.

::: eLearn Connection Services :::

We develop and design e-learning courses available on our LMS (Learner Management System)
and supports organisations with the development of their own e-learning course materials
which can be hosts courses on our LMS platform for a fee.

::: eLearn Connection Services :::

Project Scoping & Evaluation:
We evaluate your e-learning needs; examine current training material you already have and determine a project plan and budget.

Project Design and Layout:
Design the learner journey with sample look and feel. Design of storyboard for each module or section.

Project Publishing:
Publish the e-learn Course to the Learning Management System (LMS) for testing and evaluation before roll out

On-going Support:
We provide ongoing learner, course, and management support.

::: Brands We Trust :::

We use industry leading e-learning tools such as Articulate Storyline and LearnerDash LMS Platform (Learner Management Software) to develop,
design and host the e-leaning training course material. Our e-learning courses comply with international technical standards such as
SCORM and Tin Can and can be used on various LMS platforms or can be hosted on our LMS platform for a fee.