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Measuring the rate of absenteeism and costs to a business

This course provides an overview of the costs of absenteeism to a business and how you calculate this cost. This enables a business to see what their absence rate is costing them monthly and annually.


Prolonged ill-health and disability

This course deals with situations where employees are absent from work due to prolonged ill-health, disease and disability and how an employer should respond to this.



This course deals with employees who are absent from work for an extended period of time, and where there has been no indication given of any intention to return to resume normal work.


Absence without leave (AWOL) and late-coming

This course looks at the problem of absence without leave (AWOL) which is when an employee stays away from scheduled work without authorization or a good reason, but the employer believes they intend to return to work.


Persistent absence due to illness and/or factors beyond the employee’s control

This course deals with employees who are persistently and regularly absent from work for short periods of time, due to ongoing illness, disability or external factors beyond their control and are therefore unable to attend work regularly.


Applying incapacity procedures

Incapacity procedures apply where an employee is unable to attend work regularly and perform their duties according to the employment contract because of factors beyond their control and this has a negative impact on the business.


Applying disciplinary procedures

Disciplinary procedures apply when an employee has committed an act of misconduct. This course looks at how to ensure procedural and substantive fairness where disciplinary procedures are applied.


Procedures for managing absence due to misconduct and incapacity

Managers and employees need to understand how to respond to different types of absence and which procedures to use. Absence can be managed by either using disciplinary procedures or incapacity procedures.

Full Course

Managing Absenteeism in the Workplace

This course provides an in-depth overview and effective strategy on how to reduce and manage absence in your organisation. It takes you through an introduction and instructive guidelines on how to deal with different types of absence, using either disciplinary or incapacity procedures.


Putting practical steps in place to support sustainable practices

In this course we consider how being sustainable needs to be integrated into the way you run your business every day and becomes part and parcel of the way you do everything on your farm.

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