Course: OR Tambo School of Leadership Tools of Analysis

This module focuses on the philosophical, social, political and economic concepts that would enable an ANC member to analyse contemporary local and global society from a transformation perspective. The module contains many practical activities in which the student engages in dynamic social, political and economic analysis of real concrete situations using a variety of analytical models, tools and techniques. The module lays the analytical groundwork for the other modules of the Political Education program which follow.

By the end of the module, students will gain the following knowledge and practice: Critically and analytically apply basic tools of analysis to concrete social, economic and political situations and contexts; and in all the 13 modules of the ANC Political Education curriculum

How you will study this module
Study towards this module will be 30 hours – including participation in contact sessions, completion of a task in between the sessions, and preparation for a final assessment. These 30 hours will be spread over 10 weeks.

Course Content

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