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Please note that you must have completed History of South Africa and the ANC, Building the ANC organisation, Government and
Economic Development modules before you can access this course. Click here to start.

Course: OR Tambo School of Leadership History of the ANC

This module traces the development of ANC strategy. It considers the factors that caused ANC strategy to change, the evolution of the balance of forces and the results of various strategies. It revisits debates over strategy using an interactive learning method which allows you – the student – to practice developing strategy.

By the end of the module, you will have:
• The ability to analyse the balance of forces at different levels of society;
• The ability to link strategy and tactics with subjective and objective material conditions;
• Identified, analysed and evaluated the ANC’s strategies and tactics over time;
• Gained some ability to evaluate the connections between the past and the present ANC’s strategy, tactics and its various outcomes;
• Identified the unfinished business in the struggle for social emancipation.

How you will study this module
The study duration of this module is a minimum 30 hours. This includes participation in contact sessions, the completion of a task (Independent Learning Task) in between sessions and the preparation for a Final Assessment Task. These sessions will be spread over a minimum of 30 hours.

Course Content

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