CPD overview: Following the introductory “Approach to Rhythms”, this online educational CPD quiz will consist of a series of ECGs with a variety of important cardiac rhythms. Each will be accompanied by a series of questions, followed by a detailed analysis and explanation.
Target audience: Cardiologists and Physicians (including those studying for FCP and Certificate in Cardiology), Emergency Unit Doctors, Anaesthetists, GPs and junior hospital doctors.
Total time commitment: +- 30 to 60 minutes.
Assessment information:
• A pass mark of 70% is required.
• A candidate has 60 days to complete the CPD after registration.
CPD certificate: A PDF certificate of completion will be issued on successful completion the CPD.
CPD enrollment fee: Free / No Charge.
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Additonal reading:

The ECG Atlas of Cardiac Rhythms, by Rob Scott Millar, MB BCh, FCP (SA)
The ECG diagnosis of arrhythmias causes more problems to the average practitioner than patterns, such as myocardial infarction or hypertrophy.
I have been involved in the investigation and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias for more than 40 years. I have taught ECGs to students, general practitioners, anaesthetists, emergency room doctors, physicians and cardiologists.

Around 95 ECGs are reproduced full size, as you would see them at the bedside. Each is followed by detailed analysis on the opposite page. The spiral binding allows you to examine the ECG independently before reading my interpretation. The last 20 form a quiz to allow you to test your skills.
My approach concentrates on making basic observations (rate, regularity and QRS duration), followed by detailed analysis and consideration of the possible underlying mechanisms before coming to a conclusion, and avoiding snap judgements as to the likely rhythm. All the more difficult diagnoses have been validated, usually by invasive electrophysiological studies.

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Important notice: This CPD was made possible by an unrestricted educational sponsorship from Bayer Pharmaceuticals South Africa, which had no control over the content.
Publisher information: This CPD is endorsed by the Cardiovascular Journal of Africa published by Clinics Cardive Publishing.
Please note: This CPD is intended for healthcare professionals unless stated otherwise.