eLearn Connection

2. What we do


Our online courses

Our own courses focus on the law and social justice, workplace relations, compliance and social, environment and economic sustainability. Our library of courses is growing steadily.

Developing content for your online courses

Our team will work with you to develop your own custom-branded online courses. This will help you whether you are developing courses for internal online training or if you are wanting to sell your online courses to the public.

We can help you whether you are a small or large business or individual.

Host your own custom-branded courses on our LMS

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You can host and manage your own custom-branded courses on our LMS where you retain ownership and the intellectual property of all your courses.  

Internal online training?

You can host an unlimited number of courses for an unlimited number of users on our platform.  Our sliding scale of users and costs makes internal online training accessible and affordable.    

You can also rent your own private LMS to host your own courses for a  monthly rental fee (for a minimum of 12 months). 

Going public?    

If you plan to sell your online course to the public, you control branding and pricing, and you pay us a small fee to host your courses on our platform.         

We will build your own custom-branded LMS and courses (Full LMS)

We can build your own custom-branded LMS which allows you to host your own unlimited number of courses and users for internal online training.

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Project Scoping

We work with you to evaluate your online learning needs and determine a plan and budget.

Project Development

We develop the online journey, either digitizing your existing courses or creating new content.  We use interactive tools, graphics, videos, audio and animations to enhance the learning process.


We help you to select the best LMS option for your needs and budget.  

This could be hosting your custom-branded courses on our LMS with a sliding scale of users and costs, or a monthly rental option for your own custom-branded LMS  (maybe add in the ‘big brother’ of options as well? )

On-going Support

We provide ongoing learner, course, reporting and management support.



We use industry-leading e-learning tools and software such as LearnerDash and Articulate Storyline to develop, design and host the e-learning courses.  Our online courses comply with international technical standards such as SCORM and Tin Can and can be used on other LMS platforms.